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"The shipping and handling costs attached to goods bought online have kept many consumers from completing their purchases, a recent survey found. Researchers said companies should use a weight-based system like that of the United States Postal Service to minimize the merchant and consumer risks attributed to shipping and handling charges." (click here to read the entire article)
Caterina Collezione would like all our present and future customers to know that our silver factory has always used and will continue to use a weight-based shipping system.
And as an important part of our commitment to providing you with outstanding customer care and satisfaction, Caterina Collezione routinely researches and checks all shipping tariffs and specials to ensure you the most efficient and cost effective quotations available.

Caterina Collezione promises you the prompt, efficient and reliable air and ground shipping services of UPS.

Caterina Collezione is an Italian business that promises you only the most personalized and professional shipping services to, from and within Italy. UPS currently ships to over 200 countries and offer airport-to-airport and door-to-door services. Your sterling silver will arrive safe and sound because all our shipments are insured by UPS and our insurance company, Lloyd Italico, at no extra cost to our customers.

Caterina Collezione will make any special shipping arrangement to custom fit your needs. Please be assured a most efficient and cost effective quotation.





















Current Specials
*Prices updated monthly
UPS shipments within the European Union:

Prices (VAT not included)


32.38 Euro 1-3 kg

37.08 Euro

3-5 kg

53.68 Euro

5-15 kg
UPS shipments to China, Japan, 
Hong Kong and Singapore:

Prices (Import duties not included)


92.54 Euro 1 kg
98.64 Euro 2 kg
109.04 Euro 3 kg
119.66 Euro 3-6 kg
UPS shipments to any USA
and Canadian destination:

Prices (Import duties not included)


58.76 Euro ($78.00 US) 1 kg
61.81 Euro ($82.00 US) 2 kg
67.91 Euro ($91.00 US) 3 kg
74.24 Euro ($99.00 US) 3-6 kg


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