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Wholesale for Retailers

Buy directly from the factory.
Your business is about beating the competition, or at the very least, keeping up, and these days you've got a lot more to worry about than the competing business on the other side of town. The best-maybe even the only-way retailers can stay competitive is to buy directly from the factory.
If you would like to purchase sterling silver directly from our factory, Caterina Collezione can assist you with suggestions and planning. Please fill out our form below and you'll be able to download the Caterina Collezione wholesale catalog.
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The advantages of buying sterling silver directly from our factory:

Your potential profits are much greater because you are eliminating intermediaries (along with their 40%-60% profit margins).

You are kept up to date with the latest product announcements and prices.

You have greater control over all aspects of the transactions.

Caterina Collezione handles all the shipping and documentation logistics.

You know who your direct supplier is; therefore, you will feel more secure in doing business directly with them.

Outmaneuver competitors.

You develop a better understanding of the Italian silver marketplace.



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