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Caterina Collezione: Handcrafted Italian Sterling Silver Tableware
All Caterina Collezione products are guaranteed. If you're not happy with any part of your experience with "Caterina Collezione", just let us know. We'll happily take back any item(s) you've purchased and refund your money.
Caterina Collezione proudly uses the prompt, efficient, inexpensive, and reliable air and ground services of Federal Express. As an important part of our commitment to providing you with outstanding customer care and satisfaction, our factory routinely researches and checks all shipping tariffs and specials to ensure you the most efficient and cost effective quotations available.
"Vita" Tea Set "I sent my mother the set for her birthday and I wanted to let you know that she said it was beautiful!  She's 84 years old, so I felt I can finally get her that sterling silver tea set she has always wanted. She had always thought that the most elegant tea sets were only made by the English.
Oh, she definitely has changed her mind. I love it when she gets something she really enjoys. Thank you very much, Leonardo, for your advice. You were absolutely right..."
Frank Maniscalco, USA

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(without matching saucer)
Height 24 cm.
Weight 400 grams
803  Euro
803.00 Euros
(with matching saucer)
Height 24 cm.
Total Weight 630 grams
1158  Euro
1158.00 Euros
Sterling Silver Pitchers
(without matching saucer)
Height 30 cm.
Weight 600 grams
1150  Euro
1150.00 Euros
(with matching saucer)
Height 30 cm.
Total Weight 940 grams
1671  Euro
1671.00 Euros
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